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1> What precautions should people take when using fireworks?
There are many precautions that everyone should heed when enjoying fireworks:

Always read and follow the directions carefully.
Only ignite fireworks outside in a well-cleared area.
Have a responsible adult supervise all fireworks activities.
Light fireworks one item at a time.
Have a bucket of water available to dispose of used fireworks.

2> What are the different classifications of fireworks?
Consumer Fireworks (formerly known as "Class C" Fireworks) - Also known as 1.4G Fireworks. These devices are most commonly sold at neighborhood stands during the season.
Display Fireworks (formerly known as "Class B" Fireworks) - Also known as 1.3G Fireworks. These are the fireworks used in large community displays run by licensed professionals (pyrotechnicians). These devices are not intended for use by consumers.

3> How do fireworks work?

The basic ingredient of fireworks is black powder - also known as gunpowder. However, the creation of a fireworks display is truly an art form, one that has been perfected by some families for generations. The "paints" used by a craftsman of a pyrotechnic device are the different chemicals added during production. These chemicals provide the dazzling array of colors and visual effects on the canvas of a night sky, as well as the sounds (reports) that accompany the burst. The manufacturer carefully selects the chemicals to be used and determines the order in which they are packed into the casing in an effort to create a specific visual effect. Once the materials are packed into the casing, a fuse is affixed so that the device can be safely ignited. Although all of the colors and effects of a fireworks display are spectacular, the hallmark of a truly fine show are deep blue or dazzling white bursts - the marks of an expert pyrotechnician.

4> Where can I learn more about the safe enjoyment of fireworks?
The National Council on Fireworks Safety is a valuable resource for learning more about safely enjoying fireworks. A nonprofit organization, the Council is dedicated to promoting the safe use of fireworks. Through education programs involving the media, safety organizations and police and fire departments, the National Council on Fireworks Safety helps educate the millions of Americans who use fireworks every year. 

5> Safety Tips For Consumer Fireworks
Always read and follow label directions
Always have an adult present
Only buy from reliable fireworks sellers
Only ignite fireworks outdoors
Be sure to have water handy
Never experiment or attempt to make your own fireworks
Light only one at a time
Never re-ignite malfunctioning fireworks
Never give fireworks to small children
Store fireworks in a cool, dry place
Dispose of fireworks properly
Never throw fireworks at another person
Never carry fireworks in your pocket
Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers

6> Safety Tips for Public Fireworks Displays

The fire service is usually responsible for the public ' s safety when a large scale fireworks display is presented. The actual firing of the display is conducted by a trained pyrotechnic operator and crew. These professionals know and comply with all state and local regulations.
The following tips should help make the display more enjoyable to the public, as well as make the display as safe as possible:
Spectators should obey all ushers or monitors and respect the safety barriers set up to allow the trained operator room to safely do his job. Resist any temptation to get close to the actual firing site. In fact, the best view of the fireworks is from a quarter of a mile or more away.
Although it rarely happens, it is possible that a firework component might fall to the ground without exploding. The public should be cautioned not to touch these fireworks. If they happen to find any which have not exploded, they should immediately contact the local fire or police department.
Pets have very sensitive ears and the booms and bangs associated with a fireworks display can be quite uncomfortable -- particularly to dogs. In fact, the noises can actually hurt their ears. Leave pets at home if you are going to a fireworks show.
Leave the lighting of all fireworks to the trained operator when you attend a public display. Sparklers, fountains and other items that many states allow for use by private individuals are not appropriate to use when a large crowd is present. Leave your own fireworks at home -- the display will provide plenty of excitement.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

7> How can we best enjoy a fireworks display?
• Don ' t get too close. Sitting at least 500 feet from the fireworks provides the best view of the show.
• Watch for the quality and brightness of the colors. Deep blue and dazzling white are especially difficult to produce. Count the number of explosions in a shell. High-quality display shells may have multiple explosions that vary in color. There should be no lag time in a professional show. There should always be something going on for you to enjoy.
• Resist the temptation to keep any leftover material you may find after a show . The professionals that put on the display will clean up all materials afterwards.
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